MiracleGlove | Surgeon’s Gloving Cream
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Surgeon’s Gloving Cream

Registered as an FDA Medical Device, MiracleGlove Antibacterial Surgeon’s Gloving Cream helps health care professionals avoid skin problems. When applied to the hands, it prevents irritation and relieves dryness caused by powder, latex and vinyl gloves. MiracleGlove Antibacterial Surgeon’s Gloving Cream forms an invisible barrier that protects the skin from irritants found in the work place. Used daily, this hypoallergenic cream allows the skin time to heal and even repetitive hand washing will not rob the natural moisture from skin.

FDA Medical Device Name “MiracleGlove Under the Glove Gloving Cream”

510(K) Number K932061

National Drug Code 8372-720-08

National Stock Number 6505-01-393-7718

"I have been using your MiracleGlove skin protectant for almost two weeks now. I'm very impressed with the results. My hands feel smooth and soft after use and this effect lasts for several hand washings. Another plus is the fact that the cream is non-greasy. This is a benefit since I work in a busy doctor's office. Thank you for this most excellent product."


"I've gone from selling diamonds to a cleaning lady position. No matter how diligent I was about my cleaning and moisturizing routine of my hands, my skin still didn't always act the way I wanted it to. One day my hands were so dry and the next they would peel."


"I am writhing you to advise you of the wonderful experience we have had in the use of your product, MiracleGlove. For the past four years my mother-in-law, who resides in a nursing home, has had a skin rash, which was caused by her incontinence and irritation from her diaper. The rash seemed to range from mild to severe, but was always present and was a source of constant irritation to her. After obtaining a sample of the product, we asked the night nurse to apply MiracleGlove to her. The initial improvement was dramatic and she was completely healed in less than three weeks. This was so impressive to us. First of all, the MiracleGlove was only applied once per day for five days a week. We now know it should be applied three times a day every day for optimal results. Second, this was a longstanding problem; to have it completely resolved in such a relatively short time was a great comfort to my mother-in-law and to my husband and I. We thank you for MiracleGlove."